The key to our success? Our skilled craftsmen. The ones who'll help you develop a design reflective of your home's beauty and individual style, while selecting quality products that match both taste and budget. And, they'll manage the entire installation process step-by-step, start to finish.


We are expert design and installation professionals of the finest quality granite countertops, marble and tile. Our designs in stone are invaluablebecause of their functionality and beauty.

We are specializing in countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops, flooring, fire places, and stone furnishings for the home and office. In our plant slabs of stone are transformed into beautifully crafted marble and granite finished products. We offer some of the finest marbles and granites from around the world.

American Granite Designs, Inc has been serving New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over a decade. By combining Quality Customer Service, Latest Fabrication Technology, and wide selection of stone colors, we are a driving force in Natural Stone Fabrication.

Whether your project is large or small our consultants and fabricators will make sure it is done right the first, with quick turnaround and personalized design process we will bring your vision to life.


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*Marble   *Entrance Foyers  *Jacuzzi Tops
*Granite *Fireplaces *Bathrooms
*Slate *Vanity Top *BBQ Pits
*Limestone  *Kitchen Countertops *Custom Cabinets

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Granite Kitchen Middletown NJ

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Bathroom Renovations Middletown NJ

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Bathroom Renovations Jackson NJ

Bathroom Renovations Brick NJ

Bathroom Renovations Toms River NJ

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Bathroom Renovations Manalapan NJ

Bathroom Renovations Colts Neck NJ

Bathroom Renovations Holmdel NJ

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Bathroom Renovations East Windsor NJ

Bathroom Renovations West Windsor NJ

Bathroom Renovations Robbinsville NJ

Bathroom Renovations Millstone NJ

Bathroom Renovations Monroe NJ

Bathroom Renovations Dayton NJ

Bathroom Renovations West Orange NJ

Bathroom Renovations East Brunswick NJ

Bathroom Renovations Short Hills NJ


Kitchen Countertops Middletown NJ

Kitchen Countertops Long Beach Island NJ

Kitchen Countertops Jackson NJ

Kitchen Countertops Brick NJ

Kitchen Countertops Toms River NJ

Kitchen Countertops Freehold NJ

Kitchen Countertops Marlboro NJ

Kitchen Countertops Manalapan NJ

Kitchen Countertops Colts Neck NJ

Kitchen Countertops Holmdel NJ

Kitchen Countertops Princeton NJ

Kitchen Countertops East Windsor NJ

Kitchen Countertops West Windsor NJ

Kitchen Countertops Robbinsville NJ

Kitchen Countertops Millstone NJ

Kitchen Countertops Monroe NJ

Kitchen Countertops Dayton NJ

Kitchen Countertops West Orange NJ

Kitchen Countertops East Brunswick NJ

Kitchen Countertops Short Hills NJ


Natural Stone Middletown NJ

Natural Stone Long Beach Island NJ

Natural Stone Jackson NJ

Natural Stone Brick NJ

Natural Stone Toms River NJ

Natural Stone Freehold NJ

Natural Stone Marlboro NJ

Natural Stone Manalapan NJ

Natural Stone Colts Neck NJ

Natural Stone Holmdel NJ

Natural Stone Princeton NJ

Natural Stone East Windsor NJ

Natural Stone West Windsor NJ

Natural Stone Robbinsville NJ

Natural Stone Millstone NJ

Natural Stone Monroe NJ

Natural Stone Dayton NJ

Natural Stone West Orange NJ

Natural Stone East Brunswick NJ

Natural Stone Short Hills NJ


Recycled Glass Countertops Middletown NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Long Beach Island NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Jackson NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Brick NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Toms River NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Freehold NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Marlboro NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Manalapan NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Colts Neck NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Holmdel NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Princeton NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops East Windsor NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops West Windsor NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Robbinsville NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Millstone NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Monroe NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Dayton NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops West Orange NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops East Brunswick NJ

Recycled Glass Countertops Short Hills NJ


Bathroom Vanity Middletown NJ

Bathroom Vanity Long Beach Island NJ

Bathroom Vanity Jackson NJ

Bathroom Vanity Brick NJ

Bathroom Vanity Toms River NJ

Bathroom Vanity Freehold NJ

Bathroom Vanity Marlboro NJ

Bathroom Vanity Manalapan NJ

Bathroom Vanity Colts Neck NJ

Bathroom Vanity Holmdel NJ

Bathroom Vanity Princeton NJ

Bathroom Vanity East Windsor NJ

Bathroom Vanity West Windsor NJ

Bathroom Vanity Robbinsville NJ

Bathroom Vanity Millstone NJ

Bathroom Vanity Monroe NJ

Bathroom Vanity Dayton NJ

Bathroom Vanity West Orange NJ

Bathroom Vanity East Brunswick NJ

Bathroom Vanity Short Hills NJ


Granite Fireplace Middletown NJ

Granite Fireplace Long Beach Island NJ

Granite Fireplace Jackson NJ

Granite Fireplace Brick NJ

Granite Fireplace Toms River NJ

Granite Fireplace Freehold NJ

Granite Fireplace Marlboro NJ

Granite Fireplace Manalapan NJ

Granite Fireplace Colts Neck NJ

Granite Fireplace Holmdel NJ

Granite Fireplace Princeton NJ

Granite Fireplace East Windsor NJ

Granite Fireplace West Windsor NJ

Granite Fireplace Robbinsville NJ

Granite Fireplace Millstone NJ

Granite Fireplace Monroe NJ

Granite Fireplace Dayton NJ

Granite Fireplace West Orange NJ

Granite Fireplace East Brunswick NJ

Granite Fireplace Short Hills NJ


Marble Middletown NJ

Marble Long Beach Island NJ

Marble Jackson NJ

Marble Brick NJ

Marble Toms River NJ

Marble Freehold NJ

Marble Marlboro NJ

Marble Manalapan NJ

Marble Colts Neck NJ

Marble Holmdel NJ

Marble Princeton NJ

Marble East Windsor NJ

Marble West Windsor NJ

Marble Robbinsville NJ

Marble Millstone NJ

Marble Monroe NJ

Marble Dayton NJ

Marble West Orange NJ

Marble East Brunswick NJ

Marble Short Hills NJ